Name: Stephen Lynch

Age: 52

Residence: Chicago, United States

Marital Status: Very Happily Married

Occupation: President & Co-Founder L2 Interactive – Digital Agency

Years in Triathlon: 6

How long have you been with MKC?

1.5 years (May 2017 start).

What made you chose Matt Koorey over any other coach?

I first met Matt at a 2015 training camp in Kona. About a year later, I started to follow him on facebook. I saw he was delivering athletes that produced good results.

I kept hearing a very different training approach to what I was doing at the time. I wasn’t seeing any improvement.

I was tired, injured and searching for answers. I made contact with Matt to see how it might work.

We discussed my current training and what my training might look like.

He wasn’t convinced that I would be a good fit because I wasn’t convinced that his approach would work.

I thought about it for a few weeks and called him back. I said, I am 100% all in. Tell me what to do and I will do it.

Matt is a master of Triathlon training. He is approachable, smart, communicates well and has a deep well of knowledge. He has forgotten more than I will ever know.

Where do you believe you derive the most value from being coached by Matt?

Matt takes a complete approach to training and life. I refer to it as a 360° view.

I now enjoy training. I have energy throughout the week rather than being tired and irritable.

That has turned out to be very important to me. I am getting faster. I am racing smarter.

After working with Matt for 3 months, I qualified for Ironman 70.3 Worlds in South Africa.

Matt has completely changed my approach and thoughts on training.

Anytime I have questions about nutrition, equipment, new trends, technique, etc… Matt either has the answers, or he finds them.