Hugh Flanery 52
Lives: Harden, NSW, Australia.
Married 25 + yrs with 4 adult children
Occupation: Farmer (& semi-pro triathlete). Been ‘back’ in triathlons about 8 years presently. First foray was in mid 20’s for a few years.

How long have you been with MKC?

I’ve been with Matt since June/July 2016, so 2 years 3 months.

Why did I choose Matt Koorey over anyone else?

Well…there are so many reasons…but I’ll outline the main ones. In summary, Matt’s approach is different. Very different. He’s madly passionate about both his athletes and the absolute total investment he makes toward achieving their goals for them. His knowledge and experience are second to none. Period. And on top of that, Matt’s knowledge base is qualified by 30 + years lived experience of racing in every condition and distance imaginable.

Every success and failure, relating to what works with regard to training programs and their methodology, nutrition, equipment, racing strategy, how to prepare for race day is banked for the benefit of his athletes. Did I mention bike fit advice too!! Yep Matt’s preferred fitter is the best in the business too!!

Before I originally spoke to Matt, I had seen a few posts by Matt on FB, via a mutual ‘friend’ and his no bullshit, direct and uncomplicated approach resonated with me and my desire to go to Kona. With my previous coach, that wasn’t going to happen.

Constantly being injured, and I mean constantly, meant I never completed a 4-week block without several gaps in training due to time spent recovering from running injuries. Doesn’t help that leading into an Ironman I was running upwards of 24-35km on a Wednesday night. That didn’t help the marriage much
either, let me tell you.

A major tenant to Matt’s coaching is that he accounts for one’s circumstances. Because circumstances matter!

Just recently I approached Matt to seek out a bit more volume, and Matt’s first reply was ‘how will your wife feel about that?’ He cares. Period.

Matt’s drip, drip approach to building a massive training base, without the need to smash sessions in training has allowed me to improve every race.

I have improved my Ironman time by 1 hour 5 mins under Matt’s tutelage. My current plan is to finish top 10 of my Age-Group at IMOZ 2019!!

Matt Koorey is an elite coach. But Matt does not ONLY coach elite athletes. Hence, it has been one of the best investments I have made, coming on board as a 1-1 client over 2 years ago. Value for money, or return on investment is massive. Absolutely massive. Very hard to quantify in absolute terms but being part of the MKC Group is more than just triathlon training and knowledge.

It is a feeling of belonging. (once you have earned your ‘stripes’) The interactive nature of the MKC’s forum and general feedback from those within is invaluable too.