Name: David Lock

Age: 46

Residence: Sydney, Australia.

Marital Status/family: Married with two teenage sons

Occupation: Construction Manager

Years in Triathlon: 10

How long have you been an MKC 1-1 athlete?

2 years on 12/9/18

What made you choose Matt Koorey over any other coach?

Confidence! From all communications I had with Matt prior to partnering, he listened and provided quality responses confidently. This type of confidence can only come from experience and endless hours of studying the sport as an athlete / coach exposed to the highest levels of performance. A passionate perfectionist who researches constantly, in his athletes’ performance or lack of, and the industry improvements or fads communicating his knowledge to those committed to executing in pursuit of constant improvement.

Where do you believe you derive the most value from being coached by Matt?

His hands-on approach to every facet of my execution, he has pulled my life apart piece by piece then put it back together (personally, didn’t send me to any third parties, did this himself) in a focused results-oriented format. Like a forensic researcher, he reviewed and advised and then reviewed more:


  • Race Nutrition
  • Recovery between sessions
  • Re-fuelling during and post session
  • Injury / sickness management / early identification
  • Bike position and aero specific selection of accessories
  • Swim stroke & paddle type
  • Run paces
  • Bike training zones
  • Season planning / space between races
  • Race execution / planning
  • Fat metabolism and body composition


Matt has taken my performance in the time I have been working with him to far beyond my expectations, he has further helped me go from believing I was past my best to now knowing I am capable of so much more. My races were a dreaded day of pain prior to Matt that are now the highlight of my season, I am stoked to get to the start line of every race to execute and achieve what I once dreamed! I am a faster, lighter and fitter (physically and mentally) Athlete thanks to Matt.